Unst is the most northerly populated island in the British Isles and is unique in terms of its scenic beauty and mystical charm. It is one of the most spectacular, varied and interesting islands in Europe with ultramarine sea, beautiful sunbleached beaches of pure sand, majestic cliffs and hills, outstanding flora and fauna and national nature reserves of international significance. Sited on a 12 by 5 mile area and with a population of approx. 700, the land remains unspoilt and visitors are always welcome.

With its unique location Unst is able to provide ideal opportunities for visitors to experience the mystique and splendour of the most northerly point in the UK. The two National nature Reserves in Unst, Hermaness and the Keen of Hamar, contain some of Europe’s most stunning landscapes and are the habitat for some 25,000 pairs of puffins each summer.

With cliffs reaching 170m high that house over 100,000 breeding sea-birds, Unst is truly a spectacular island. Shetland pony breeding is one of Unst’s proudest traditions. Many of the ponies are coloured and local studs are accustomed to winning prizes throughout Shetland.

At the far north of the island (60o51’N, 0o53’W) lies Muckle Flugga. The Muckle Flugga Lighthouse was built in 1858 during the Crimean War by David and Thomas Stevenson. It is said that their nephew, Robert Louis penned Treasure Island following a visit to Unst and indeed if you look closely you will see more than a passing resemblance between the two maps!

Unst is rich, not only in wildlife, but geologically and traditionally as well. The Unst Heritage Centre provides the link to Unst’s engrossing past and the Unst Boat Haven is the only museum in Shetland dedicated to the island’s unique wooden boats, their history and the fishermen who plied their trade with them.

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  1. You must read T.C. Boyle’s ‘Swept Away’. It is a short story. It takes place on Unst with the wind being a primary character. A compelling story indeed. It blew me away :)

    John Guild
    The Woodlands, Texas

  2. used to live and go to school on unst in 1969..went back on holiday a couple of years ago . it has hardly changed,in 41 years . Many great memories ,went back to my old school ( BJH ) given a cuppa and a stack of school projects to look through . found mine ..wow . went to wood wick and built a raft and sent it out to sea . saw otters playing in the sea at sandwick , seals basking on rocks in Haroldswick and staying out of reach of the killer whales . walked to the very tip of uk to Hermaness, Dive bombed by bonksees and watch the ganetts near muckleflugga ligt house . camped at the hostle at uiasound . going to return again v soon …just love the place .

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