Uyeasound Up Helly A’ 2018

This year, we welcomed and entertained the Uyeasound Up Helly A’ Jarl squad and the wider community. Up Helly A’ is celebrated in February every year, where a Jarl squad lead a procession through both Uyeasound and Norik to burn a galley at the shore; celebrating the end of winter and welcoming in the better weather.

As is tradition, the students in Secondary organised and served at our Coffee Morning with many students and staff contributing various tasty treats. The Primary students had also made shields and a cardboard galley leading up to the day.

This year, there was a slight deviation from the normal running order, as our Head Teacher Paul Thomson was the Guizer Jarl. This meant that he was in charge of the Jarl squad who designed their own shields, helmets and outfits for the weekend. A lot of work had gone into preparing for the weekend and the Jarl squad presented a shield to the school as a gift.

As a surprise for Mr Thomson, the students in Secondary performed a series of sketches in the school which highlighted some amusing events in Mr Thomson’s life over the past year!

The school raised over £400 for school funds, which was a great achievement. A huge well done to all the students and the community for continuing to support both the school and Up Helly A’.