Nick Sharratt

Today was a special day for many reasons; firstly, all of our primary students got to work with world famous illustrator/author Nick Sharratt. Secondly, all of the primary pupils in the north isles got to work with each other – a total of 121 pupils in all of their respective year groups. And thirdly, all of the primary staff members got to work with each other as part of our North Isles cluster moderation strategy.

It was a fantastic experience for us all and Nick had the attention of the whole school whilst he stepped us through the process of drawing characters from his books. Everybody (staff and students) were buzzing and there was a great atmosphere in school for the whole day. Great to see the North Isles coming together in the planning and implementation of such a great event. Well done everyone. And big thanks to Nick for travelling all the way to the UK’s most northerly school.