Chevron Investigate Unst Airport Reopening

The company Chevron are investigating whether to re-open Unst airport. It was reported in the local newspaper The Shetland Times last week. MSP for Shetland, Tavish Scott, said that re-opening the airport would be a great boost for the North Isles. Other airports in Shetland are very busy with the extra oil traffic and allowing this to expand to Unst would be good for the local economy.

Chevron used to run the Unst Airport in the past but pulled out in the mid 1990s. If the airport reopened it might lead to lots of jobs being created on the island. It might also lead to more people moving to Unst.

To read the article in the Shetland Times, click here.

Written by Jack & Ellis, BJHS Pupil Council Members.

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