BJHS – Secondary Norway Trip

On the 8th of June we are going to Norway. S1 to s3 are going to Norway and there will be 16 pupils and 6 staff going.

We are flying from Sumburgh in Shetland to Bergen in Norway. Then, when we land, we will go on a bus we go from Bergen to Stavanger (a 5 hour trip). Then from Stavanger we will go on to Dirdal.

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For some of the days, we will be going to Dirdal School and learning about Norwegain schools. For some of the time, we will be staying with pupils from Dirdal School. Other days we will be staying in chalets and hostels. The school is organising trips and activities for us to do for the time we are there.

Preikestolen (pic from Wikipedia)

Preikestolen is one of the sites we are planning to see when we are there.

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