OPPORTUNITY: Graduate Product Developer in Distilling

The Shetland Distillery Company Ltd, based in Unst on the Shetland Islands is looking for a Product Developer in Distilling with the aim of developing new drink products, including a boutique gin and whisky.

During this twelve month role the successful candidate will lead on the development of new products which have been created at a laboratory level. This will entail scaling up the products so that the quality at a full-scale production operation is equivalent to the laboratory version and the production cost is within parameters enabling the product to be produced on an economically viable basis.


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The Shetland Distillery Company Ltd have also identified a number of other opportunities which they would like to investigate further:

  • to produce a third gin, this time through partial maturation in a cask which had previously held whisky
  • produce flavoured vodka from neutral spirit and flavourings small scale trialling of whisky distillations as a precursor to installing their own whisky still.

Specific tasks and activities of the placement:

1. Scale-up our latest gin creation from lab scale(2.5 l batch), to pilot plant scale (16 l batch) and eventually to full scale production (100 l batch), evaluating the impact on product quality, interaction on quality of other products being produced on the same equipment and cost implications. Time frame 6 months.

2. Develop and scale up newly created flavoured vodka concepts in a similar manner to item 1 above. Time frame 9 months, which can be progressing concurrently with item 1, with a time lag of 3 months.

3. Develop trials to evaluate the optimal time period for aging of gin, which will be used in a new product. Time frame 6 to 12 months.

4. Develop small scale whisky trials. Time frame 6 months.


FURTHER INFORMATION AVAILABLE AT http://www.scotgrad.co.uk/companies/t/the-shetland-distillery-company-limited/placements/graduate-product-developer-_-distilling-gzumdchjkt