Unst may be the Treasure Island of Robert Louis Stevenson, but it is certainly a treasure trove for the naturalist. This is partly due to the island’s varied geology, which produces a variety of landscapes and habitats, and partly due to geographical location. One thing is for certain, the natural environment and wildlife present on Unst won’t disappoint:

Shetland Nature Tour – Small group tours on Unst focused on quality not quantity and inspired by a lifetime of knowledge of Shetland from local resident Brydon Thomason.

Wildlife: Mammals – Unst is home to an abundance of wildlife, making it a ‘go to’ location in Europe to capture magical moments in the outdoors.

Wildlife: Botany – the geographical location, geology and weather make for a unique landscape. You’ll find Edmonstons Chickweed on The Keen of Hamar, the only place this flower is found in the world.

The Outdoors: Geology – Unst is perhaps the best island in the UK for it’s unique geology, and the influence this has on all of Unst’s elements.

The Outdoors: Beaches – vast beaches of golden sand and a cold breeze from the incoming sea, Unst boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland.


Thanks to Mike Pennington, Micky Maher (Shetland Ranger Service), Danny Laurier and Anne Meller for the information in the Wildlife, Nature & The Outdoors section of the website.