Shops + Services

Unst has 3 local shops and a Post Office who all sell a wide variety of goods.

Starting in the north of the island, The Final Checkout has a healthy selection of goods (fresh, frozen and shelved). They supply fuel and garage services and are located at Hagdale (in between Haroldswick and Baltasound). Cars and bikes can also be hired. A cash machine exists within the premises which can used for a nominal fee. They can be contacted on 01957 711666. It is normally open from 8am til 6pm (Monday – Friday) and 8am til 5pm (Saturday) and 11am til 5pm on a Sunday.

In Baltasound, you will find Skibhoul Stores. This shop also stocks a variety of goods and they also have their own bakery which is well known throughout Shetland for their high quality bread, bannocks and oatcakes. Fuel can also be purchased here. Cash can be obtained here through use of the ‘cashback’ facility and it is also a National Lottery retailer. They can be contacted on 01957 711304. It is normally open from 9am til 5.30pm (Monday to Saturday) and til 6pm on a Thursday.

Next to Skibhoul Stores lies the Post Office. Here you can get your letters/postcards franked from Britain’s most northerly Post Office. They also stock a variety of stationery and offer cash obtaining facilities (most banks). They can be contacted on 01957 711655.

Also in Baltasound you will find Henderson’s Stores, locally known as Ethel’s. This shop sells just about everything, from cereal to screwdrivers and offer the ‘cashback’ facility. They can be contacted on 01957 711411. It is normally open from 10am til 6pm (Monday to Saturday).

Furthermore, Baltasound is the home to local businesses including the Pure Energy Centre, Sandisons and Unst Inshore Services. In Haroldswick you will find the Valhalla Brewery, Foords Chocolates and Cafe (including RAF Saxa Vord exhibition and Walkers are Welcome base) and Saxavord Resort & Restaurant (open from May 2013).

School & Facilities

Unst has excellent school provisions with a Junior High School in Baltasound. It is well equipped with modern technology (broadband, laptops and interactive whiteboards) and offers an outstanding quality of learning and teaching.

The school provides education for young people (ages 3 to 16+) and allows students the opportunity to progress onto Standard Grade, Intermediate I/II (National 4 or 5) and Higher accreditation. The Unst Leisure Centre is situated next to school which doubles up as the school’s sporting facilities during the day, offering un-paralleled opportunities for students and parents.

In Baltasound, as well as the Unst Leisure Centre, you will find the Nordalea Care Centre and the local Fire Station.

Tours & Transport

When in Unst, it is important to explore and gain a full appreciation of the island. Unst is connected by the main A968 road which runs from North to South, with most other roads making connections with it.

Car/Bus/Bike Hire

Unst can be explored on foot or by vehicle, be it car, bus or boat. Situated in Hagdale Industrial Estate, Baltasound, P & T Coaches provide garage services and a forecourt shop. Taxi, Self Drive, Mini Bus and Coach Hire services are available throughout the year.

There are daily bus services from Unst to Lerwick (except Sundays) and a limited service is available throughout the island. Contact P&T Coaches on 01957 711666 or

Bikes can also be hired from Unst Cycle Hire.

Taxi Hire

Taxis are available with P&T Coaches (01957 711666) and A & W.McLeod (01957 755344).

The North Isles

Whilst visiting Unst you may want to spend some time on the neighbouring island of Fetlar. For more information see

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