Shetland Nature offers exceptionally popular wildlife, birding and photography holidays around Shetland, and on Unst. The tours are run by local residents Brydon Thomason and his team of guides, who focus on bespoke tours with smaller groups. They simply do one thing – do not disappoint.


Please visit the Shetland Nature Website to see the wide variety of fantastic holiday tour choices available.

Due to Unst’s fantastic wildlife and photography opportunity, Shetland Nature offer bespoke Day Tours specifically delivered for your time on Unst. Find out more, here.


Located in Burrafirth, Unst, the team at Shetland Nature offer guests an even more unique and authentic Shetland experience at the idyllically situated and beautifully designed, Shetland Nature Lodge. A secluded property, right at the northern end of Unst. Overlooking Hermaness National Nature Reserve and the breathtaking vista of Burrafirth beach you can enjoy unhindered balcony views. And it will be ‘Just You’ and the undivided attention of your guide, giving your holiday that little bit more of a personal touch.


Please contact Shetland Nature for additional information on tours and/or accommodation:


Phone: 01957710000