REVIEW: UnstFest Carnival

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As is the norm with the UnstFest Carnival, it was another spectacle that had to be seen to be believed. The heavens opened in the hour leading up to the procession which led to a modified route but just as the carnival began to snake its way around Baltasound, the man upstairs came good and put a halt to the rain!

This year saw floats with (Auld) Rockers, Pink Ladies, T Birds, Super Marios, Up Helly Aa Jarl sqauds (4 of them in total!), members of the Royal family, oriental dragons, Yell Folk and many more. Well done to everyone who made up a float or who watched on the pavement as they all went by.

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The 2013 festival is the 5th UnstFest and looks to be another bumper year of events, activities and excitement, on the most northerly island in Britain.

So why don't you get yourself to Unst and take part in a real family festival? What are you waiting for?

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