Belmont Sign

On the 27th of May Unst Youth Club unveiled the new sign at Belmont (Unst’s ferry terminal). Frances Browne was the artist leading the project, assisted by Lesley Gray (Youth Worker) and 12 helpers from Unst Youth Club. On the Mural, there is a selection of places from around Unst as well as animals from Unst like Tammy Nories (Puffins), Vikings and a Viking Longship.

This new sign replaced the old one that had been there for over 7 years. I worked on the Viking part of the Mural, which I am very proud of. I think the Mural  looks really good and is good for tourists and visitors to Unst.

New Mural At Belmont
New Mural At Belmont


Posted by Sam – BJHS Primary Pupil Council Member

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