Unst Vs Yell

On Tuesday the 21st of May Unst had a school football match and a netball match against Yell. We have done this every year since the 1970s.


Yell started the game well and they got an early goal. Then after some good possession from Unst, Yell managed to get another goal past Tom. Then Unst started to play better they were keeping the ball well and doing some good passing, then Mark Ferguson got the ball at the halfway line and ran at the Yell defence he then shot and scored. Yell then answered right back with another goal and the first half ended 3-1.

Unst's Secondary Football Team
Unst’s Secondary Football Team

The second half looked better for Unst they had far more of the ball and a couple of good chances, Joe went on a run from defence and took a long range shot but the keeper saved and punched it away but only for it to land at the feet of Alfred who shot but his shot went miles over the bar.

Unst continued trying to pass the ball through to Alfred and Ryan but Yell defender Dean was not letting anything past him. Michael, Bradley, Jordan and Alfred kept rotating on and of the substitute bench throughout the game. Yell then scored one final goal halfway through the second half and it came from a cross and their striker just passed the ball into the back of the net. The game ended 4-1 to Yell.


The netball was won by Unst and the score was 19 – 12. At the start of the match in the first quarter, both teams played very well. Both teams fought for the ball and played aggressively to try pull ahead of the opposition. Unst’s attacking play was brilliant and pulled a few goals ahead of Yell. Emma and Dione worked well with each other in the circle. Susy and Abby managed to keep yells shots from going in the net and Unst finished the first quarter with a good lead against their rivals.

In the second quarter Unst played even better, Beckie and Anna worked well with the shooters, passing the ball well into the circle. Sula made good interceptions to win back the ball. Unst’s defence still worked well giving Unst a big lead at the end of the second quarter.

At the start of the third quarter Yell subbed off their GS and this made a huge difference. Lauren scored 5 consecutive goals helping Yell to begin to catch up with Unst. Unst began to tire and passing began to get scruffy. Yell picked themselves up with the chance to steal the lead from Unst. But Unst carried on and at the end of the third quarter Unst still had a lead. The score stood at 15-7 to Unst.

In the final quarter both teams were determined to win but Unst had more determination since it was most of their team’s final Unst vs Yell match. Yell played well but there was too much of a gap to catch up. The final score was 19-12 to Unst.

Unst's Winning Secondary Netball Team
Unst’s Winning Secondary Netball Team

Congratulations to both sets of players who gave everything and played both games in a good sporting manner.

Posted by several members of BJHS Pupil Council including Mark, Jack and Emma.

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