New Arrivals at Skaw Paet House

There was excitement in Unst this week with news of the latest arrivals to the Skaw Paet House. Two brightly coloured hammocks have been installed in the Paet House which is Britain’s most northerly. It was featured in the recent TV series ‘An Island Parish’ and it is now a tourist attraction. Belonging to twin brothers Charlie and Bertie Priest from Skaw Unst who also starred in the show, the building is described as being a place to take shelter and reflect. I took a visit to the house earlier this week and relaxed with a swing in the hammock and enjoyed a well-earned refreshment there following a stroll through the peat hill to get there. Charlie let me know that he and Bertie are currently putting finishing touches to a well for the house. He also said that he is looking forward to Unstfest and seeing the island’s visitors during this special time. Good luck to Charlie and Bertie with their Paet House and all the best for a successful week.