In 2011, Unst became the first Walkers Are Welcome destination, and was the first ever island to do so.

All walkers will understand the beauty of the seasons but at 60 degrees north the light on Unst in Autumn and early spring will remain with you for a lifetime. During the summer months, 19 hours of measured sunlight is recorded leaving your days and nights open for exploring. The geology, rugged coastline, history, beaches and windswept nature of the island all impact Unst’s walking destination and as a result, the island is one of the best in Europe.

UNST WALKERS ARE WELCOME provide information on 20 different walks around Unst. These walks vary from 1 hour treks to full day clifftop explorations. Walking the whole coastline of Unst will take time and commitment, but won’t dissapoint. Up until 2004, the RAF completed this walk each year. Some walks are waymarked and some will need compass and navigation skills. Unst’s neighbouring island, Fetlar, has a further 6 identified walks over moorland, clifftop and seashore.

Unst WAW have taken every precaution to ensure that all walkers are provided with safety information is available at as many locations as possible and that our information has been read and approved by our local police and coastguard. Unst Walkers Are Welcome, Unst Partnership Ltd and Unst Community Council do not take responsibility for walkers who attempt any walks, there are undertaken at your own risk.

More information can be found on the Unst Walkers Are Welcome website – click here.