Unst offers a selection of housing options for those wishing to relocate.Ā With modern dwellings, traditional croft houses, restored buildingsĀ and a number of small housing estates, there is a home for everyone.

All the information below, plus extra, is available in Move To Unst: The Essential Guide.


Despite the northern location of Unst, people often build a home for themselves onĀ Unst. Land and homes for sale on Unst will be advertised online. Below are some suggestions:

  • http://www.d-s-r.co.uk
  • http://www.tait-peterson.co.uk
  • http://www.neilrisk.com
  • http://www.shetlandislesproperty.co.uk
  • http://www.inksters.com

A limited number of houses are also available to buy at Saxavord Resort – contact them directly to enquire about these properties.



There are a number of properties often available to rent in Unst through private landlords.Ā As available properties vary throughout the year, please contact info@unst.orgĀ if you wish to find long term, rented accommodation. We will contact local landlords as quickly as possible and get back to you.



Shetland Islands Council and Hjatland Housing Association work together to provide housing services which provides families and individuals physical homes and housing advice. These houses are often semi-detached and offer families a safe and friendly place to live. Please see information below for more details:


The Shetland Islands Council (SIC) have properties on Unst in Uyeasound, Baltasound and Haroldswick. See, http://www.shetland.gov.uk/housing/housing_options_low_demand.aspĀ for the up-to date availability of local housing on Unst or call directly on 01595 744 396.

Hjaltland Housing Association (HHA) have properties in Baltasound. See, http://www.hjaltland.org.uk/properties/about.html#thenorthĀ for more information and availability.

To apply for either an SIC or HHA property, you need only complete a single application form – which can be foundĀ on eitherĀ housing organisations websites.Ā There is usually a waiting list for applicants though properties become available at points throughout the year and only those registered are eligible.