Valhalla Brewery is the UK’s most northerly brewery, producing 6 fine ales at their premises in Haroldswick.

The brewery was opened in December 1997 by Sonny Priest and is named after the hall  in the celestial regions, home of the Norse god Odin, where slain Viking warriors were  borne, to be revived by a horn full of ale. Each ale produced holds a fascinating story  which links to the northern isles. Take a tour of the brewery and learn the stories behind  each ale – BOOKINGS ONLY. 

Valhalla Brewery Website

+44 (0)1957 711658 or +44 (0)1957 711398

Not to be missed by any real ale enthusiasts – look out for Auld Rock, White Wife, Simmer Dim, Old Scatness, Sjolmet Stout, Island Bere and perhaps more to come!