Primary Physical Education

In primary, we aim to have fun whilst we learn the fundamental skills and techniques for a wide range of activities. This includes learning the basic rules and etiquette for different sports.

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Activities we do include:

Lower Primary Middle Primary Upper Primary
Athletics and Fitness Athletics and Fitness Athletics and Fitness
Basic Moves Central Net/Wall Games (Table tennis, short tennis, badminton and squash) Central Net/Wall Games (Table tennis, badminton, volleyball)
Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics
Possession Games Possession Games Possession Games (hockey, netball)
Shetland Dancing Shetland Dancing Shetland Dancing
Striking and Fielding Skills Striking and Fielding Skills Striking and Fielding Skills
Swimming Swimming Swimming

We also learn through current events in the sporting calendar – for example we have tried various Olympic and Paralympic events, with homework being set to watch some of the sports and tell the class about favourite moments during the Games.

S1-3 and S4 Core Physical Education

In Secondary pupils will be working through the outcomes and experiences within the Curriculum for Excellence:

  • Movement skills, competencies and concepts
  • Co-operation and competition
  • Evaluating and appreciating
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The S1-3 pupils will experience these outcomes through a broad based range of activities with a balance of indoor and outdoor games, team and individual activities. The course also allows for a degree of individual choice as they progress.

S1/2 S3/4 Core
Athletics and Fitness Athletics and Fitness
Central Net Games (volleyball/badminton) Central Net/Wall Games (volleyball/short tennis)
Gymnastics Gymnastics
Possession Games (basketball, hockey, football) Possession Games (Basketball, hockey, football, netball)
Shetland Dancing Shetland Dancing
Swimming Swimming

National 4 and 5 Physical Education

The main purpose of these courses is to develop and demonstrate movement and performance skills in physical activities. By engaging in physical activities, learners can demonstrate initiative, decision-making and problem-solving. The Course also encourages learners to develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, and the contribution that physical activity makes to this.

The skills that learners acquire by successfully completing this Course are transferable to learning, to life and to the world of work.

The main aims of the Course are to enable the learner to:

♦ develop the ability to safely perform a range of movement and performance skills

♦ develop and demonstrate knowledge of factors impacting on performance

♦ build capacity to perform effectively

♦ develop approaches to enhance personal performance

♦ monitor, record and reflect on performance developmen

Practical Performance Evaluation Knowledge and Understanding of Personal Development
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Personal Choice
  • Observing movement
  • Analysing movement
  • The body
  • The skills
  • The activities
  • Acquire good attitudes 
  • Get on with others
  • Recognise and meet challenges
  • Co-operate fully in group situations
  • Accept responsibility
  • Be tolerant and fair
  • Make and accept decisions
  • Show application through a period of study