Health and Wellbeing has an important place in the curriculum at Baltasound Junior High School. It encompasses physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing  and aims to enable students to establish a pattern of health and wellbeing that will be sustained into adult life.

Each term we choose an area of Health and Wellbeing to focus on throughout the school. Last term (January to March 2016) we focused on healthy eating. Related to this, the school’s Parent Council is sponsoring a trial “free fruit” scheme in the school. Each Tuesday, students from P1 to S4 are offered some fruit to eat around morning break time. This is proving popular with students. The Oral Health Improvement Team have advice on Tooth Friendly Snacks which is available here.


The focus for the summer term (April to July 2016) is regular physical exercise. We are starting the Daily Mile for primary classes.