S1 to S3

A wide and varied curriculum is offered to S1, S2 and S3 students to fully develop their skills, technical expertise and confidence using technology for a variety of situations. In addition to this, students also participate in several cross curricular days throughout the year making best use of their ICT skills.

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The S1, S2 and S3 experience is made up of the following areas:

  • Computer Systems, Hardware and Software
  • Internet Safety, Rights & Responsibilities and Staying Safe Online
  • Presenting Information, Movie Making and Video Editing
  • Digital Animation, Claymation and Storyboarding
  • Sorting, Searching and Analysing Information
  • Web Authoring, E-Commerce and the Virtual Revolution
  • Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

S3 and S4

Students are able to specialise in subjects at the end of S2 and S3 and the following subjects are offered in BJHS:

  • Computing Science
  • Administration & I.T.
  • Business Management

Computing Science

This is very comprehensive, skills led subject with a great deal of hands on, practical experience.  Computing Studies covers the core topics of Information Systems and Software Development though delves much deeper into the understanding of how technology is designed, how it works and its role in modern society.

Web Design is also fully explored in addition to Automated Systems (robotics) and Programming – instructing the computer to carry out specific tasks. This is demanding course though it provides an excellent introduction to the technology that is all around us, and our growing dependence on it.

This subject intends to develop the students’ skills, encouraging them to see the world as a developer of technology, rather than as simply a user of technology.

Administration & I.T.

This is a very practical subject where students fully develop their Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Databases skills. In addition to this, students are fully immersed in the world of work, going into detail with regard to Health & Safety at Work, Office Procedures and Business Travel.

This is an excellent subject for those intending in developing their office or secretarial skills and for those who wish to use further develop their knowledge of the key software applications we all use every day after leaving school.

Business Management

This is an excellent subject to learn all that’s required to start, run and maintain a successful business. Invaluable for all budding entrepreneurs or for those who see themselves being their own boss at some point in the future.

The topics covered in this subject include creating a sound Business Plan, Sourcing Finance and Funding Opportunities, Financial Accounts Management, Marketing and Promotion.

More appropriate than ever in the current climate as businesses struggle in the real world and companies face even more challenges in a tough financial arena – this subject is extremely relevant in 2015 and develops a deep understanding of how the business world operates.