• To develop your drawing and painting skills and use of the visual elements
  • To develop your design and problem solving skills
  • To develop your analytical skills and use of different techniques
  • To become confident in your art skills and produce work of the highest possible quality
  • To be confident in discussing pieces of art and forming opinions.


  • In S3 pupils will continue to explore the visual elements (line, tone, shape, form, colour, texture and pattern) and using a variety of media and craft techniques.
  • In S4 students will progress onto National Qualifications at National 4 or National 5. N4 and N5 courses consist of exactly same quantity of work but N5 will sit an additional written exam based on Art & Design Studies.
  • By the end of S4, students will have completed two wide ranging units of work:
  • Expressive unit of work (painting, drawing, developing compositions).
  • Design unit of work (researching a brief, developing concepts, exploring materials).
  • Expressive work will usually centre on Still life, Portrait or Built environment painting. Design work usually centres on Product, Jewellery or Fashion Design.
  • Art studies will prepare pupils for a written Final Exam at N5 Level only, studying the lives and work of artists and designers.
  • Homework will be given regularly to improve skills.


In S4 assessments will be based on a series of Learning Outcomes for each unit

and the Practical Activity at the end of the course: Internal Assessment – this applies for all three levels, National 3, National 4 and National 5. Each of the two units will be assessed internally through end of unit assessments. These will be moderated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Final External Exam – this only applies to National 5 and will take the form of an external written exam at the end of S4.

Core Skills Involved: Communication and Literacy, Problem Solving

Careers subject is involved in:

  • Professional Artist
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
  • Theatrical Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Photography
  • T.V. & the Media
  • Studio Ceramics
  • Glass Design
  • Interior Design
  • Town Planning Publishing
  • Video & Film
  • Electronic Imaging
  • Packaging Design
  • Industrial Design
  • CA D
  • Textile Design
  • Illustration
  • Architecture
  • Art Therapist