• To develop the pupil’s ability to play and perform music on 2 different instruments of their choice from those available in the department. (this includes instruments that pupils may be receiving instrumental instruction on.)
  • To develop the pupil’s ability to compose and/or improvise music.
  • To develop the pupil’s understanding of musical terminology and musical theory and their ability to use this knowledge to comment on a range of styles and types of music.


S1-3 Broad General Education – During S1-3 pupils will receive a broad general education with experiences in performing – solo and group performing, composition, technology and music, listening to music.

S4 Senior phase – This course is suitable for learners with a general interest in music. It allows learners to consolidate and extend musical skills, knowledge and understanding developed through S1 to S3. The different levels available are National 4 and National 5.


National 4: Internal assessment

  • Composing skills
  • Understanding music
  • Performing skills
  • Added Value unit: Practical activity in Performance

National 5: Internal assessment

  • Composing skills
  • Understanding music
  • Performing skills

External Assessment

  • Question Paper
  • Perform on 2 instruments or 1 instrument and voice

Core Skills Involved:

Communication and Literacy, Numeracy, Technology, Working with Others

Careers subject is involved in:

Following on from National 5 next steps would be Higher and Advanced Higher. These courses would be suitable for anyone interested in a career in the Music Industry, Sound Engineering, Teaching or Performance.