Pupils take Technical starting in S1 with the option to continue in S3 and S4. The two main subject areas are Practical, (Wood metal and plastics) and Graphics. Pupils in S1 take practical lessons only, learning how to use tools and equipment correctly, and how to behave in a safe manner in the workshop. Pupils will work with wood, plastics, and metal at some point in the year.

Projects may include: Small wooden boat. Box with a metal label Wooden phone stand Plastic phone holder Small model car with a plastic window.

Pupils in S2 will also take graphics as well as practical. In graphics they will cover the following:

Orthographic, Isometric and Oblique drawing Two point perspective drawing Rendering with colours to give a presentation style finish Working with Autocad Inventor

Pupils in S3 have the option of Practical Woodwork, or Graphic Communication.

In both cases pupils will practice skills to help prepare them for SQA in S4

Practical Woodwork:

Pupils will make more advanced products than in S1 or 2 making use of the lathe for turning and of various hand held power tools. Some of these projects are provided by SQA and would count as National 4 units of work. Projects may include: Kitchen towel holder Wooden tool tray Small corner shelf unit Bookstand