Science is a subject which is relevant to everyday life.

S1 and S2

In Secondary, we start transition for Secondary in Term 2 of Primary 7, where P7s get the opportunity to work with S1/2s on projects and develop their own scientific skills.

We cover the Broad General Education (BGE) from nursery until S3, in S3 pupils get to specialise into either of the discrete science subjects – Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science or Physics.

In S4, pupils will work towards the discrete science subject/s of their choice at the SCQF level appropriate to them.  Usually this is National 3 or National 4 or National 5. However, National 1 Science in the Environment has been completed within the school and we are developing our National 2 Science in the Environment for individual pupils who would benefit from this.

We are always looking for input from people with Science careers, who would be interested in coming into school to talk about Science and how it has been important to them in their career.  If you would like to help then please contact