School Concert & Christmas Parties

This year, our Nursery and Primary students performed It’s Chriiiiistmas!, the nativity story that puts the beat into Bethlehem, whereas the Upper Primary and Secondary students performed Peter Pan. Once again our students were a shining light and excelled on the stage. With a full house (over 200 people) in the audience, it was brilliant to see how confident and assured our students were and it was terrific to see how much they enjoyed themselves. There was even a cameo appearances from our UK Public Library Champion Of The Year and from our Depute Head Teacher!

The following day, we had our Nursery and Primary Christmas Parties as well as the Secondary School Dance. As is tradition, the P7 class organise the Primary party and the S4 organise the School Dance, inviting P7 as well as staff members. A brilliant success which showed the level of responsibility given to students as well as demonstrating how capable they all are. Well done everyone – we helped raise over £640 for school funds, which is a great achievement.

2017 School Concert, Parties and the School Dance

xmas 2017
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