Upper Primary have been very busy learning about chocolate and making their own to sell! They got to taste different types of chocolate to get inspiration for creating their own bars. Once their groups decided on what they were going to make they worked out how much ingredients they would need per bar then how much they would need to make 10 bars so we could write a shopping list. They worked out how much each bar would cost (which took a bit of figuring out with some ingredients) so they could then work out how much to sell their chocolate for.

Once they figured out a price they then calculated the profit they would make. They made their own chocolate moulds out of grease proof paper, prepared and made their chocolate bars before wrapping them in cellophane and creating Christmas gift tags complete with list of ingredients and group name. They have also designed posters for their chocolate bars. We have been learning about instructional writing so they will be writing recipes for their chocolate bars soon.

They will be on sale at the craft fair tomorrow but don’t worry if you can’t get along to buy any as they will be making more in the next few weeks to sell so keep an eye on facebook for this.