All Aboard the RMS Titanic

Lower Primary have chosen to learn about the RMS Titanic so they took part in a Titanic Day. Each pupil received their boarding pass and were divided into first, second and third class passengers. We learned some important Titanic facts and watched some old footage of some survivors. At lunch the first class passengers were invited to join Captain Smith at his table and enjoyed beautiful music played by harpist Sunita Staneslow. Our second class passengers were served at their table and our third class passengers enjoyed a hearty meal at their table. We built the Titanic and a lifeboat using blocks and our third class passengers enjoyed dancing to some fiddle music! We discussed how passengers from the different classes might feel and whether it was fair that the first class passengers were allowed into the lifeboats first. We had a brilliant day and would like to thank Sunita, the ladies in the school canteen, our S4 waiters and Captain Smith for making the day extra special.