Open Night / Games Night

Thanks to everyone who came to the school tonight to see what we are learning and have a bit of fun at the same. We had an excellent turn out and each of stalls were busy throughout. Well done to the pupils who organised it – in school tomorrow they will add up how much money was raised and we will share who the winners were for each of the prizes. And thanks to the Parent Council for the teas and fancies.

Well done everyone.

Update: Our S4 Business Management class have done the calculations for last night.

We raised:

Darts: £26

Pool: £42.50

Sweetie Jar: £44

Merch: £55

Total School Dance Fund: £167.50

Upper Primary Stall (for Enterprise projects): £25

Middle Primary Stall (for Enterprise projects): £52

Home Ec. Stall (for H.E. equipment): £110.40

Donations Tub (for school funds): £154.19

Total: £341.59

Grand Total Raised: £509.09

Winners: Linda (pool & treasure map), Lynette (sweetie jar contents), Sarah (teddy bear) and Hosea Jnr (darts).

Thanks to everyone who organised, helped, came along and supported us. It was hugely appreciated and a lot of fun.