Nordalea & Brucehall Intergenerational Music Project

S1 & S2 went to Nordalea once a week and some S1s went to Brucehall every week to connect to the elderly with music.

In Nordalea we would usually start with a sing-a-long and played percussion instruments along. Then we would talk to them to get to know them better. Sometimes some children would perform instruments.

In Brucehall we did the same kind of things but Mrs Fraser normally played the fiddle for the residents.

After the October Holidays we stopped visiting because we started organising for a concert to show the community what we had been doing.

We had some piano, poems, singing and more! At the beginning and the end we did a sing-a-long like we did at Nordalea & Brucehall. We also showed some photos on a projector and at the back of the hall we displayed some comments and photos.

It went really well!

Post by Kerry & Natalie, S1