Dundee University Conference – pupil input

A video which one of our pupils masterminded has been used in the recent Promoting Inclusion, Transforming Lives conference hosted by Dundee University.

STEM Administrator for the University of the Highlands and Islands, Dr Evelyn Gray, recently presented a paper at this event. ‘I really wanted to get the message out about how remote Baltasound is, how access for support not just within teaching was extremely difficult and how important it was to consider inclusion across geographical barriers’

Evelyn recently passed on that she hoped the school and parents are proud that students have managed to take their message out to the wider community. This all came about because Jacob entered a competition to win a Meccano Meccanoid robot. He made a news report based on the school and why the robot would be useful in learning, roped in a few willing volunteers to star in his video and then went onto win – congratulations to Jacob.