Term 4 Update

Hi Everyone. Below is an update as we approach the start of Term 4.

Like all schools in Scotland, we are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, we have been busy making sure all of our students have materials and resources ready for the start of Term 4.

Early Years
We have a private Facebook group for all Early Years parents and staff. Here we will share activities, resources and communication relevant to all of our Early Years pupils.

Lower & Upper Primary
Packs of work will be coming through the post (in the next few days) for all Primary students. Within this pack, there are materials for numeracy, literacy and topic work. Lower Primary will have a Glow login sent to their parents email address (early next week) – this will allow pupils to check in with Mr Spence on their Glow Team at points throughout the week; asking questions and keeping up with their classmates.

All Upper Primary pupils already have Glow logins and Ms Nicholson has setup a Microsoft Team. This will supplement the individual packs and pupils are encouraged to check in to the Team on a regular basis. Ms Nicholson will add resources, stories and most importantly keep in contact with her class.

Subject Teachers have been asked to setup a Microsoft Team (using Glow) for each class. All Secondary students are required to login in often in order to see the work set, reply, upload or feedback to their class teacher. S4 students should make sure they are completing the work set by the teachers as they will require a bank of evidence in order to provide an accurate estimate of each S4’s grade (as there are no exams this year).

Most importantly, the work set and provided is not meant to be raced through or completed as fast as possible. The Primary packs contain work that should compliment family activities at home – cooking, baking, playing board games, drawing, exercising and relaxing. All of these are just as valuable and help with our well-being (pupils and parents). Some parents may prefer to make a weekly timetable, others may prefer to dip in/out as and when. As a parent, you know what is best for your child.

Mr Spence (DHT) and I are available to discuss anything school related and we will be available to contact using the school phone number or school email. If you require any further advice, work, materials or resources then please get in touch.

Take care and best wishes.
Paul Thomson (Head Teacher).